Trouble: Manic Frustration [1992]

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Trouble

trouble manic frustration

Absolutely amazing album. For the sake of decency, I’ll go one, but I’ve fallen for this band hard. They market themselves (or are marketed) as stoner rock, but they’re actually a pretty good metal/rock band.

The opener, ‘Touch the Sky’ is classic rawk fare, but it’s the second track that got me. A hugely sarcastic ‘apology’ for for the band’s behaviour, ”Scuse Me’ is a total triumph. Love it. I’m smiling so much listening to this, like some kind of pirate abortionist at a Halloween party. You know. He has a hook. Etc.

‘The Sleeper’ deserves to stand next to any famous metal track one might name – ‘Master of Puppets’, ‘The Trooper’, ‘Rock and Roll (Part 2)’ Etc. So they bear comparison to Metallica, Iron Maiden and Gary Glitter. Which is fine, right? I demand anyone that reads this to listen to this album if you’re remotely into metal. Honestly, give it a go. What harm could it do?

The next one, ‘Fear’, is pretty generic to be quite honest (other than some great dand-la-dan-la-da-dadaaaaa guitar), but it’s really the next track you want to watch. ‘Rain’ shows the band’s softer side, and, to my ears, better side. As in (as will be LOVED later, ‘Breathe’) the band take a load off, and just gel slightly better than they do as a metal ensemble, If I have a quibble, it’s too cheesy. Again, superb guitar-playing.

Look essentially everything else is either metal (ie tracks one and two) or not ( ie the previous track). It’s the last song, though that makes me sweat from my willy.

‘Breathe’ is the last song on the album, and it throws in such a shocker it’s unbelievable. What starts out as a terrible Billy Idol song-ish kind of sound morphs towards what I consider the greatest words in music. They are by Donovan. Trouble gives us, the lucky listener, a full two minutes of the best bit from his famous song ‘Atlantis’. “WAY DOWWWWWWWN/ BELOOOOOWWWWW THE OCEAAAAAANNNN/ WHEEEEEEEEERE I WAANNNNNNA BE/ SHE MAY BEEEEEE/ DOOOOOWN BELOWWW THE OCEANAAAAAANN etc etc.

Look, it’s good, ok.



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